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The motto in the briefing was "Beyond Expectations" - and we think we nailed it!


Ledlenser is a premium brand in the portable light sector. The brand stands for high-quality LED products that are characterised by premium quality and innovative functionality.

Previously, the brand and innovation concept was not communicated in the online shop through the look and feel of the website. In addition, the usability was not user-friendly and led to many abandoned purchases.

For these reasons, the requirements for the relaunch of the web shop were very high:

  • Development of a modern, independent UI/UX that fulfils the brand’s requirements
  • UI/UX should offer the best shopping experience on all common devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Intuitive user guidance through simple navigation and quick finding of the required products
  • Better explanation of product features through clarity, appealing animations, videos, etc.
  • Increased conversion rate through clarity and simple click paths


A creative design concept for the online shop was developed based on the results of the previous extensive research and joint digital workshops with Ledlenser. In doing so, Moltomedia took the company’s brand identity into account and strived for a visual aesthetic that would convey the desired message.

A key part of Moltomedia’s design process was the development of a style guide for the online shop. Building on this, Moltomedia created detailed wireframes and prototypes using the Figma design tool to visually visualise the layout and user navigation of the online shop.

Given the increasing access of users to online shops via mobile devices and tablets, Moltomedia ensures that the design of the portable LED lamp online shop is optimised for different screen sizes and devices. In addition, great emphasis is placed on a user-friendly and smooth experience for all customers, regardless of their device.

After the design process, the Moltomedia design and development team worked closely together to seamlessly integrate the design into the online shop software. At regular intervals, the design team checks the programmed implementation of the modules into which the content is later added.


As Ledlenser is all about brightness, contrast and light, the CTA button for light/dark mode is a must. 
This innovative feature allows users to choose between a light and a dark display colour scheme. This feature gives customers the flexibility to customise the appearance of the website according to their own preferences and increase their visual comfort. By implementing the light-dark mode, the LED lamp is strongly emphasised and allows customers to directly interact and engage with light in the online shop.

An accordion design was developed to pack as much technical product information as possible in a clear way, which can primarily be found on the product detail page. With a modern look and an appealing hover effect, Moltomedia has created a dynamic presentation that stands out from classic accordions.

Moltomedia wants Ledlenser customers to experience the Research & Technology section as an interactive experience. To this end, interactive elements such as videos, infographics and animated diagrams were integrated to make the complexity of Ledlenser technologies understandable and accessible to everyone.


The process for Ledlenser’s online shop relaunch was all about creating an engaging and user-friendly experience for customers and we think we nailed it!