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Digital progress with a view of the Baltic Sea


Rudloff is a premium brand in the seeds and pet food sector. The brand stands for pure and first-class products and wants to be understood as such on its website. Rudloff is an international company that produces its products traditionally and without additives. Regionality, sustainability and environmental awareness are standards that have top priority for Rudloff. In its online presence, the brand strives to convey these quality features appropriately. Previously, the website did not do justice to the conventional brand. The requirements for the redesign of the web store were correspondingly demanding:

  • Optimize the layout of the store system
  •  Adapt the interface to the corporate design
  • Connect the online store to the ERP system
  • Link automation to other service providers


After extensive research and joint digital workshops with Rudloff, a new design concept was developed for the website and online store. The major challenge was to combine the three existing websites into a uniform all-in-one interface. For Rudloff, it was important to maintain a manufactory feel and convey the high quality of the products despite the wide range on offer. The company’s brand identity was also taken into account in order to convey the desired message.


By using Shopware 6 software, it was possible to streamline the entire content of the two websites and the one online store onto one system. Moltomedia developed several different modules that were adapted to the content in order to package as much content as possible from the three previous websites. The look and feel was implemented by improving the handling of the navigation structure on the website. The overall user experience was thus enhanced and the online shopping experience was taken to a new level.

In order to facilitate the company’s increasing sales for business customers, a new B2B presence for Rudloff is being planned in collaboration with Moltomedia.


The process for Rudloff’s online store relaunch involved reducing three online presences to an appealing and user-friendly experience. Despite its size, the interface should not lose the manufactory feeling and we think we succeeded!