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Villeroy & Boch

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A company that stands for luxury and worldwide distribution at the same time must constantly reinvent itself and its products. Everything must reflect the high standards of quality, innovation and design that still make Villeroy & Boch shine against the pressure of cheaply produced goods.

This applies one-to-one to the digital appearances for which we have been responsible for two decades. Every pixel and every functionality must meet the highest demands – with the scope and technological diversity of a globally operating company.


For years, our work for Villeroy & Boch has gone far beyond designing, developing and maintaining websites. The functionalities are deeply involved in the company’s processes, and the digital needs of V&B are far too diverse.

For Villeroy & Boch we work with TYPO3 in the field of classic websites. More than 30 country pages both for B2B and B2C can be operated in a sustainable and modern way. Here and in the 16 Magento-based country shops, countless other specially developed functionalities have been developed. A PIM system from Contentserv, lead management, various interfaces and system integrations, e.g. to the SAP system or an enterprise search engine from Solr.

Just the few examples of the technologies used in the classic web area gives an idea of how diverse our activities for the customer were and still are. We want to make sure that V&B stays at the top of the digital game.


In the case of our customer Villeroy & Boch, there is no result in the classical sense, since projects have developed into a successful partnership for an indefinite period of time.

In our eyes, customer success is an endless game, especially for a company that is valued worldwide for innovation and quality. For this reason, there are completed projects with this customer, but themselves are only small mosaic stones for our goal to make the customer digitally as successful as possible. Since the competition never sleeps, the end of the road will never be reached.

We are proud that a company like Villeroy & Boch has trusted us for such a long time. We thank them with the best possible quality.